Stephen C.

Over the period of almost 11 years, Jennifer Pierce worked for Prime West Companies as the Senior Vice President/Controller.  For my late husband, Stephen F. Clarke, I Lia Clarke write this recommendation upon his thoughts and discussions of Jennifer’s performance.

Prime West Companies is an award winning commercial development, property management and investment company.  Prime West Companies consists of Prime West Development and Prime West Real Estate Services.  In 03/2006, Jennifer joined the team as the Controller.  During her 11 years at Prime West, she climbed to the Executive level as Senior Vice President and Officer of the company.  Her responsibilities included approving and reviewing all of the development, property management and corporate accounting.  She managed the accounting and administrative staff.

For the property management division of the company, on average, she was responsible for the accounting of 20-25 commercial properties.  These properties ranged from small investors to large corporate and REIT investments.  Square footage average was around 2 million.

On the development side of the business she was responsible for the records, liens and job costing of the construction projects.  Prime West has developed several projects, a number of which are award winning projects.  Jennifer was able to experience the satisfaction and pride of being on a team that accomplished winning a few of these awards.  She was able to manage the accounting for all sizes and styles of construction projects.  A few of the prestigious clients that she had the honor to work with consist of Goldman Sachs, Franklin Street Properties, AMG National Trust Bank,  T Rowe Price (Colorado Springs Campus), ORIX, and Innovage.

Along with the development and property management divisions, she maintained the corporate accounting.  This included corporate financials, corporate budgeting and human resources.  Over the years, Jennifer was able to participate on a team that kept the net profit growing.

With the passing of Stephen F. Clarke, in 02/16, Jennifer made a career change on 05/16 and started her own company, Accounting Concepts in Real Estate (ACRE).  Jennifer followed Steve with devotion and pride of what Steve created and based his values on.  During his difficult illness, it was decided by Jennifer to not request a letter of recommendation to pay respect to him and his family.  These words are passed on by his wife, Lia Clarke.

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